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Melting Landscape

The first of this body of work, I created this as a gift to my brother who, like me, loves being in the mountains. As I painted, I found the depths, lines and intricate colors of the mountains endlessly interesting. I started my more serious artistic training studying human anatomy through drawing and dance then started seeing, through this painting, a similarity between the human form and mountain form. For this particular piece, I used acrylic and illustration marker while I  molded the image from improvised shape.

Acrylic & Illustration marker

24" x 12"

Stretched primed canvas on wood frame

Privately owned



I started painting this in a morning frenzy after looking at beautiful images of the legendary mountain. I got lost into the canvas trying to invoke the strength and danger only the tallest mountains showcases. 

Using oil paints, I added and removed the paint in thick layers, drawing lines into the paint with palette knives to slash the rough terrain onto the canvas. 

Oil paint

36" x 48"

Stretched primed canvas on wood frame, hung on wire

Sold in 2020


The Love of You

Being surrounded by mountains feels like an embrace from the Earth. The more I paint and reflect on the beauty of the natural world, the more I fall in love with this planet I'm so lucky to have as my home. 

Beyond texture and color, I wanted to start incorporating intentional lines into these larger works. I always want the audience of any of my works to continue finding something new. With this painting I added hidden love words into the paint making this love poem of mountains a piece that can line the walls of home. 

Learn more about this painting here.

Oil paint

48" x 60"

Stretched primed canvas on wood frame, hung on wire

For sale



An acrylic painting stretched on a wood frame with touches of illustration marker. First I did several washes of paint on raw canvas. I laid that out to dry and stapled it to the 5 by 3 foot frame. I wanted to let the painting reveal itself to me in how exactly it wanted to speak. 

Ogden, Utah during golden hour becomes a reflection of the sunset itself - glowing and illuminating. Another special sight happens when the clouds are low during a fierce sunset, it's like a flame meeting water. 

Acrylic & Illustration marker

60" x 36"

Raw canvas on wood frame, hung on wire

Sold in 2021


Powder Mountain

There is a spot I like to sit and look at the top-world view where mountain layers beyond mountains in a sea of rocky waves. The air is dry, clean and tickling. This place is called Powder Mountain. 

I leaned my canvas against the fence outside on a warm summer day and dove into the canvas with the paint and my brushes bridging the gap to my memories of sitting at this gorgeous spot. 

Oil paint

36" x 48" 

Stretched primed canvas on wood frame, hung on wire.

Commissioned in 2021

IMG_5609 2_edited.jpg

A work-in-progress

Watch my progress @em.munk

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